sitemap NCBC, NCCBD Response to Clear Channel Radio's Broadcasts

November 6, 2003


In a letter to Elissa Margolin, the League's Executive Director, John Hogan, President and CEO of Clear Channel Radio, said, "the comments made by Clear Channel Radio stations in Cleveland, Houston, and Raleigh were inappropriate and intolerable ... As CEO of Clear Channel Radio, I do not support or condone the anti-cyclists messages and have taken steps to insure they do not occur again." The letter was written following a November 5 meeting between Margolin and Hogan at Clear Channel's headquarters in San Antonio, TX. Hogan and Margolin discussed ways in which the company could work with the bicycling community to promote safe bicycling and sharing the road and agreed to meet in early 2004 to review progress and chart next steps. Margolin said, "The League is pleased with the response from Clear Channel Radio. The comments broadcast on stations in Cleveland, Houston, and Raleigh were indeed egregious, but the company's redress has been aggressive and the measures taken to prevent any reoccurrence are heartening. CEO John Hogan has clearly demonstrated that any programming that endangers cyclists will not be tolerated and we applaud his leadership on this issue. We are particularly pleased that Clear Channel will work with the bicycling community to help make America's roads safer for everyone." Martha Roskowski, America Bikes Campaign Manager, and Sue Knaup, Thunderhead Alliance Executive Director, both expressed their support for Clear Channel's statement. Knaup said, "I look forward to building this important partnership with one of America's leading media companies to help promote safe bicycling in America's communities and to encourage motorists and cyclists to share the road."

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