Traffic Cycling Classes

Do you want the confidence to ride in traffic?

Do you wish you could enjoy cycling to more places more often?

Are you interested in learning to change a tire or other basics of bicycle maintenance?

Are you thinking about commuting by bike?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then you should enroll in a League of American Bicyclists Smart Cycling course or a Florida Bicycle Association CyclingSavvy course (available in multiple states). Knowledgeable, certified instructors will teach you to be a safer and more proficient cyclist. Whether you are a long-time commuter, an avid club rider, or haven’t ridden in years, these fun fact-filled courses are sure to increase your knowledge, skill and confidence.  Much of the class time is spent on your bike, starting in parking lots and quiet streets, building up to busier streets as your skill and confidence progress.


—  How to accelerate, stop, and turn faster and with greater precision

—  Effective ways to negotiate traffic at left turns and narrow roadways

—  Easy ways to avoid crashes

—  Strategies for using your bike to travel to work, school, or shopping

League of American Bicyclists Instructors and Classes

CyclingSavvy Courses


Here’s what some of our local League of American Bicylcists Road 1 graduates said:

“Having logged many thousands of miles during 25 years of cycling, including multiple triathlons, numerous club, training and fund raising rides, bike tours of the Blue Ridge Parkway and many of North Carolina’s designated Bicycling Highways, I was primarily interested in this course as an opportunity to revisit the basic tenants of effective road cycling technique. I must say that I was not disappointed. The League of American Bicyclists Road 1 course was the most complete, well organized and pertinent instruction on effective road cycling I have received. I will be a safer, more confident cyclist because of it, and I’m looking forward to taking the other courses in the series.”

– Tony Clark

“As someone who has cycled for fun nearly all of my life, this class provided insight into utility cycling for transportation that has given me a new confidence to operate my bicycle as a vehicle. I particularly enjoyed the on-bike sessions and highly recommend this class to anyone interested in honing their cycling skills, learning about the rules of the road and experiencing on-road cycling the right way.”

– Juliet Andes

“I appreciated the focus on road safety in traffic conditions. The messages that are reinforced through classroom exercises as well as on-road segments are worthwhile for bicyclists at any skill level. I have been riding a bicycle since I was a kid, but only recently have become interested in knowing more about “driving” a bicycle as a responsible operator on public streets, which I have been doing for several years now in Raleigh, North Carolina. I learned in the class that, while I am experienced and not fearful in traffic, I have some bad habits that I need to break, and that even a fairly experienced on-road bicyclist can still learn a surprising amount about control and proper positioning on the street to improve my skills and increase my safety factor in different situations.”

– J. Scott Lane

“This course is a good starting point for transportation design professionals to actually understand what it is they’re designing for.  Once cannot deliver a product without understanding the needs of the customer.”

– Eric J. Lamb, PE, City of Raleigh Public Works Dept.


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