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In 2011, the police departments of Raleigh and Cary provided their officers with a training program, “Bicyclist Safety and Law Enforcement,” to improve their understanding of cyclists’ rights and responsibilities, as well as boost awareness of the common causes of actual car-bike crashes in those cities.  At the request of the Raleigh Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission, LCI Steven Goodridge worked with the Commission and with Raleigh Police to develop a training program tailored for Raleigh’s training process and featuring crash data, ordinances, and enforcement practices specific to Raleigh.  All sworn officers in Raleigh took the computer-based class and completed the online test in the spring of 2011. Steve later adapted this program for Cary, updating it with Cary’s crash data and ordinances, and provided the class in-person for approximately 100 officers there in August.

The following is a narrated video version of the Cary training that has been condensed to 15 minutes for brevity.  The full class given to Cary is one hour long.

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This training program was modeled after police training programs developed in other cities and states, as linked below:

Bicycle Law Enforcement Guidelines and Training Links

The Law Officer’s Guide to Bicycle Safety:

Florida Bicycle Law Enforcement Guide:

Georgia Bicycle Law Enforcement Guide:

Law Enforcement’s Roll Call Video: “Enforcing Law for Bicyclists”:

NHTSA Enhancing Bicycle Safety: Law Enforcement’s Role (Computer Based Training):

City of Los Angeles police training video:

Implementing Enforcement Programs Aimed at Bicyclists:

The Case for Bicycle Law Enforcement – International Police Mountain Bike Association:

Enforcement Resources – by the League of Illinois Bicyclists

12 Things You Should Know about Bicycles, Safety, and Crashes – Concise 2-page summary for police by the League of Illinois Bicyclists

Safe Roads for Bicycling – PowerPoint training presentation for police by League of Illinois Bicyclists (also pdf version)


General Background on Best Bicycle Driving Practices (Good References for Police)

NCDOT Streetwise Cycling:

NCDOT Driver Handbook:

Group Riding Brochure:


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