Bicycling Education Resources

NC Bike Ed – Education for bicyclists, police, engineers, and planners in NC

CyclingSavvy – a traffic cycling curriculum by the Florida Bicycle Association

Commute Orlando – Encouragement, Education & Advocacy for Bicycling in the Real World

League of American Bicyclists Bike Education – Smart Cycling Program

Bicycle Driving

Cyclist’s Eye View (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)

ABC Quick Check

Bicycling Life

Streetwise Cycling – A guide to safe bicycling in North Carolina

Bicycling Street Smarts – Riding Confidently, Legally, and Safely

Bikeability – UK’s bicycling proficiency training program

Cyclecraft – The Complete Guide to Safe and Enjoyable Cycling for Adults and Children (North American Edition) (also on

Cycling Accident Data

North Carolina Pedestrian and Bicycle Crash Data 

Traffic Cycling Expert Blogs

Bicycling Matters   – Wayne Pein

John S. Allen’s Bicycle Blog

Limeport Consulting – John Schubert

Cyclist View – Dual Chase Productions

Cycle Dallas – PM Summer

Richard C. Moeur, PE – A traffic engineer’s perspective

Other Advocacy Sites

LAB Reform – Coalition to reform the League of American Bicyclists

Virginia Bicycling Federation

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  1. marc holden says:

    To all of my facebook friends please look up the following group and if you disagree with their views as I have, report same to facebook. NCCASC…..the North Carolina Collaition Against Street Cycling…..These people, all 29 of them, apparently don’t like cyclists on the road and think it’s ok to harass, abuse and even commit crimes against cyclists. I have refrained from addressing them directly as I would probably loose my mind for a minute and type something I would later regret. I am not trying to push my views but if you agree with me, do what you will, if not, ignore this post.

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