Basic Concepts

The Science and Politics of Bicycle Driving–Why NCCBD exists

Bicycle Driving–Slide show presenting bicycle driving issues

Cycling Technique

Road Vogue–Explanation of bicycle driving technique

Classy Cycling (145 KB PDF version of Road Vogue)

Deluxe Driving (287 KB PDF) — motorists’ companion to Road Vogue

Gallery of Bicycle Driving Demonstrations–Pictures and “how-to” examples

How to Turn Signals Green

Cycling at Night–The right equipment makes all the difference

Cold-Weather Cycling–Winter can be a great time for biking

Safety Data

Bicycle-Motor Vehicle Collisions in Chapel Hill–A Typology and Analysis of Police-Reported Crashes Spanning a Four Year Period (0.3 MB PDF)

Bicycle-Motor Vehicle Collisions in Cary–A Typology and Analysis of Police-Reported Crashes Spanning a Six Year Period (0.3 MB PDF)

Legal Issues and Advocacy

Critique of NCDOT Guide to Bicycle and Pedestrian Laws — This NCDOT Guide document features serious flaws including misquotation of statutes, and misleads readers about cyclists rights to our roadways and motorists’ responsibilities.

State vehicle code applicable to bicycle operation–A complete list of NC (state) vehicle code and related law applicable to the operation of bicycles as vehicles on public highways, excluding code applicable only to motor vehicles

The Right to Travel by Human Power–Bicycling and walking are fundamental

Repealing a Mandatory Sidepath Law–Cyclists protect the right to use roads

Dear Editor–A response to those newspaper columns and forum letters that demand that cyclists get off of the roads

Clarification of Existing Traffic Laws for Drivers of Bicycles and Other Vehicles –A draft memo that cyclists in Cary, NC want local law enforcement to co-sign and release to the public as has been done in other bicycle-driver-friendly communities.

The Segway Is a Vehicle –Analysis of the Segway’s operational characteristics and the hazards created by inappropriate legislation

NO BICYCLES ALLOWED–Some commercial property owners post signs to inform people who travel by bicycle that they are unwelcome

Clear Channel Radio Responds–Clear Channel Radio CEO announces public service announcement campaign following broadcasts that celebrated motorists’ assaults on cyclists and admonished cyclists to abandon roadways


Wide Outside Lanes are Superior to Bike Lanes–Why segregation is bad

Improving Suburbs for Cycling–In addition to education and enforcement efforts, thoughtful design can help make suburbs great places for cycling.

Urban Traffic on Rural Roads–NC’s rural roads have their disadvantages

Bicycle Parking in Commercial Areas–Guidelines for the installation of efficient and effective bicycle parking in shopping centers and other commercial destinations

Bike Lane Stripes–Do they improve conditions for cycling?

Bicycling and On-Street Parallel Parking–Planning for safe cycling outside of the door zone (0.5 MB PDF)

Critique of FHWA Bike Lane Versus Wide Curb Lane Study –Faulty design and analysis plague this often-quoted study (1.2 MB PDF)

Implications of Universal Access Principles for Bicycle-Specific Roadway Markings–Bicycle-specific markings may detract from long-term goals for cultural mainstreaming of competent roadway cycling and safe access to all destinations

Edwards Mill Road–The good and the bad about a new arterial road in Raleigh built with striped bike lanes

Detection of Bicycles by Quadrupole Loops at Demand-Actuated Traffic Signals–Properly designed and adjusted signal sensors accommodate bicycles

Critique of FHWA Bicycle Compatibility Index  (1.3 MB PDF)

How Wide Should a Wide Lane Be? (0.8 MB PDF)

High Speed Bicycling (1.5 MB PDF)

AASHTO & Door Zone Bike Lanes (150 KB PDF)

Critique of “Evaluation of Shared Use Facilities”  (997 KB PDF)

Bike Lanes & Debris (2.34 MB PDF)

Critique of Cary Design Guidelines Manual

The “Share the Road” Sign (360 KB PDF)

Wide Outside Through Lanes: Effective Design of Integrated Passing Facilities

Critique of “Effect of Wide Curb Lane Conversions on Bicycle and Motor Vehicle Conversions”  (163 KB PDF)

Transportation Planning

Land Use, Climatic, Demographic, and Cultural Factors Affecting Utilitarian Bicycle Travel in the Triangle–Why people do and don’t travel by bike

The Bicycle Utility Ratio–A suitability metric based on cost/benefit analysis for utilitarian cyclists

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